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v2.34 A job well done

by Guest on 2016/02/20 11:08:49 AM    
I am a hardcore tixati fan and push tixati to it's limits. With changes in the last couple versions I'm noticing Tixati now handles totally differently with a large amount of torrents downloading/uploading concurrently. Much less cpu usage, disk thrashing and most noticeably much more downloading throughput. The internal changes are clearly showing through. Torrents pick up faster, and gain in speed faster than they have before. It's gotten to the point where what feature does tixati not have? Thanks again for what is clearly now the best torrent client available.
by Bugmagnet on 2016/02/22 06:04:45 AM    
Can't agree more. v2.33 was a leap ahead. and as usual, after such a major general release users found some quirks that v2.34 fixed.

It seems that one 'minor' matter needs to be addressed (  ) but aside from that, v2.34 is sweet.

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