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I-Blocklist free alternative?

by Guest on 2015/12/27 12:28:29 PM    
As I-Blocklist have now started charging, does anyone know of any alternative free lists, particularly P2P lists?
by Radish on 2016/01/31 03:11:11 PM    
As I-Blocklist have now started charging...

You're actually not correct in saying that. They are only charging for certain blocklists, not for all blocklists. If, say, you were used to using Peerblock and only using the blocklists that PeerBlock used by default then they (and several others) are still available for free from I-Blocklist. Just check the webpage and you will see this is so:
by Guest on 2016/05/29 10:54:06 PM    
Radish, check your link. They just started charging for everything!!! All of it is now subscription based when it used to be free.
by Guest on 2016/06/15 07:09:47 PM    
I just looked at myself. You seem quite mistaken, there are many free lists. Just add Level 1-3 to your block lists.
by Guest on 2016/06/16 08:48:43 PM    

I've been having problems with this lately, every few days it drops to about half the IPs blocked and slowly builds up to 2.5 billion blocked (what it should have) and then drops down again. Something must have changed that interferes with his algorithm.

Usually I get thousands of blocks with this list every session but when it drops down I only get hundreds.  There is more info and different blocklist discussion here  but this code really needs to be fixed.  I recommend once you see it blocking around 2.4-2.5 billion addresses you stop it from updating for now.
by Guest on 2021/03/12 01:17:18 AM    
by notaLamer on 2021/03/13 12:29:45 AM    
This is completely useless, see my reply there:

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