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Is there something wrong with the Tixati download page?

by GN4 on 2015/12/15 08:30:26 PM    
Whenever I get prompted for an update and it takes me to  , for the last month or so it has been saying access denied, anyone know why? Has been fine for the last 2 years and I've tried a few different browsers...any ideas? Thanks.
by Guest on 2015/12/16 12:41:20 PM    
what browser are you using?

the link you posted works as does the link at the top.
by Guest on 2015/12/16 01:45:13 PM    
Works for me. What browser are you using, and what operating system? Got adblockers running, or some other thing that blocks stuff, like a firewall?

edit: Ugh, just read that you tried different browsers. If nothing works, your IP address might be blocked for whatever reason, disable your modem for one night and put it back on, who knows, might do the trick.

edit2: Also if you're on some kind of administered network, like a campus network, you may have to contact your IT guy, they might be blocking stuff on their end.
by Guest on 2015/12/20 01:03:28 PM    
hes usinga download manager its trying to downlaod to the wrong USER folder. he needs tochange the destination of the target folder
by GN4 on 2015/12/21 06:19:51 PM    
Yeah I've tried on firefox, Chrome and Opera all with the same result. And no it's just a home network...kinda weird! Has anyone got a safe download link for the newest version by any chance?
by Guest on 2015/12/21 10:06:07 PM    
Here is for win 64:

if you need others just say so.
by Guest on 2015/12/22 08:25:54 PM    
Thank you Guest!

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