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Need screenshots of Tixati with OS default color scheme

by Guest on 2013/11/17 11:24:24 PM    
I've tried recommending Tixati to people but they immediately object when they see the homepage screenshots of Tixati with the dark background and bright colors. They find it very ugly and difficult to look at, as in literally hurting their eyes. I have to reassure them that they can change the color to a light background with black text. But many are put off right away and don't even want to try it. I can't blame them. I don't really want to use a program that's unattractive and uncomfortable to look at too.

I didn't want to use Tixati at first either when I saw the screenshots because I can't stand dark backgrounds and I thought that was our only choice. It was only months later that curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try it out and found I could change the color scheme. Now it's my default client. If I had seen a screenshot of the lighter background color scheme I would have downloaded the program right then and there. So I think it might be worthwhile to include screenshots of the lighter color scheme. In all honesty though, even with the lighter background Tixati is not the prettiest gui for a bittorrent client. But at least it won't drive people away immediately. I think the gui is something you really need to improve upon to attract new users.

Just my two cents.
by Guest on 2014/01/16 04:34:38 PM    
I cannot stress enough, how much I LOVE the black GUI! If it would be possible I'd like that developers make all black GUI, with just few other colors. When GUI is white and shiny (like in most cases) it feels like I'm looking at a eyes hurt, no matter how much I dim my screen. And, I'd rather they use all their resources in making everything shiny "under the hood" then to waste time on anything else. :P
by Nili on 2014/01/20 02:46:08 PM    
Black Version running on #! Debian Linux

by Nili on 2014/01/21 09:22:24 AM    
May i know why was removed image? not allowed to post Tixati printscreen?
by janet on 2014/01/21 11:05:44 PM    
The pic contained references to copyrighted material.
by Nili on 2014/01/22 09:44:55 AM    
Ok, Thank you janet, It's better so.

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