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Thanks Tixati
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by Guest on 2013/11/15 12:11:14 AM    
Thank you Developers of Tixati
Thank you for not containing spyware
Thank you for not being evil
Thank you for making such a great client available for free!

Thank you.
by raal on 2013/11/16 08:06:35 AM    
I second that thanks!
by Bugmagnet on 2013/11/19 11:08:00 AM    
I consent
love it
by hu24ebr on 2013/11/23 02:30:54 AM    
Thank youuuuu :)
by Guest on 2013/11/30 08:50:13 PM    
Best Client Ever!

Thenk you!
by DrTeeth on 2013/12/10 11:06:33 PM    

by Guest on 2014/01/01 06:54:20 AM    
Tixati is the best bittorrent client around! Thank you developers for building and providing this client for free :)
by Guest on 2014/01/01 11:43:08 PM    
Best for Linux too.


perform better than those. however,

I would like this forum to have some active Mod or Admin to collect the necessary bugs issue and report the problem to the dev's or ticket system.

Simply more attention from developers.
by janet on 2014/01/02 08:00:57 AM    
All problems, suggestions and bug reports are given to the developers. They are usually too busy to post in the forum, but they know about everything.
by Nili on 2014/01/03 05:17:55 PM    
Hello janet, Happy new year.

This is a good news, at least we know that we're not died yet. Do it with knowledge devs or admins, I apparently look through Internet and see a growing interest in use of Tixati. I do not have any way to certify with graphic or stats simply observe/read and watch an interest regarding our torrent client. As if devs were a little more active in bug fixing in this time of transition where uTorrent is a application made ​​just for ads and risk spyware or worse spying nowdays.

Would be great time and suitable for Tixati to withdraw these consumers that can not stand using uTorrent anymore.
Benefit from this opportunity for a little more presence.

by Guest on 2014/01/06 04:59:04 AM    
And most of all, thanks for not being dependant on annoying .NET or Java crap !
by Guest on 2014/01/12 02:35:38 AM    
thanks you guys are the bomb
by Net.Engineer12 on 2014/02/01 05:59:56 AM    
Thanks Tixati for all your dedication...
Great P2P Client software for only Linux and Windows PC
by lBaltazar on 2014/02/04 08:47:54 PM    
Спасибо ♥
Köszönöm ♥
by Guest on 2014/02/07 03:21:25 AM    
Thank,for the best client on the Net !!
by Tidro on 2014/02/07 02:52:15 PM    
Best BitTorrent client!
When will be a new version, I'll translate it into Russian

Thank you very much!!
by mehmoore on 2014/03/30 03:35:12 PM    
by Guest on 2014/04/17 03:42:40 AM    
Been using Tixati for a few weeks now, love it!

by Guest on 2014/04/20 11:37:45 AM    
Best torrent client by far! Thanks very much for your hard work. Hope to see updates and bug fixes in the near future.

Kind regards!
by Guest on 2014/05/18 11:04:33 AM    
I also would like to send my Thanks to the developers of a flawless torrent client. The resource usage is ridiculously low, but without the sacrifice for program features. This is easily the best torrent program I have ever used, and I have used a lot. Plus it is clean and free. Just incredible! I will always suggest people use this fantastic torrent client, regardless of the system they are running.

Thanks for developing a perfect torrent client!
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