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Forum Problem - Reply Text Box Gets Garbled on Resize

by Radish on 2015/11/17 11:27:40 PM    

When I want to post a new topic or reply to an existing topic I am taken to the text box where I type in what I want to say. If the reply is long one then the vertical scroll-bar appears so that it is possible to scroll up and down in the text one has typed in. Another way to deal with is to resize the text box itself by clicking on and dragging the 'triangle' at the bottom right-hand edge of the text box.

The problem with doing this resize is that if you drag the text box 'triangle' down far enough the content of what you have already typed starts to get 'mixed' and obscured by the text in the pink "We ask that you follow these rules:" information.

Someone at the website needs to fix this so that this doesn't happen. Users should be abot to resize the text box without problems.
by Radish on 2015/11/18 12:49:01 PM    
Okay, I see that someone has now worked on this a bit. There are though still problems.

On resizing the text box downward the "Pink Coloured Box" now gets overdrawn and the entire text box area is shown in white - great progress.

However, the "Notice Text Block":

"We ask that you follow these rules:
-Keep a civilized tone
-Stay on topic
-References to copyrighted material or torrent sites will be removed"

Still appears in the text box - and the text in the text box gets 'garbled' as it mixes in with that "Notice Text Block".

In addition the "Post Reply" button also appears in the text box - and obscures typed text too.

Getting there though. Thanks very much for starting to deal with this.

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