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WebUI Material Design Theme
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by chaosjester on 2015/09/01 02:54:43 PM    
Hi All,

I have whipped up a very basic theme for the WebUI and thought I would share it.

I made this theme for me and my needs, so it might not be for you. I have stripped out all of the DHT and Bandwidth pages and left a clean interface with the essentials that I need.

I am not planning on updating this as it does what I want it to, but if you want to build on my work for your own purposes go ahead, just be sure to credit me.

The theme is fully responsive and looks great on a phone, the only issue is that some of the tables don't shrink down enough.

Theme can be downloaded from (Link removed by Mod)

Enjoy :)
by janet on 2015/09/02 01:42:26 AM    
Please use a magnet link to share your webui theme.
by chaosjester on 2015/09/02 05:07:30 AM    
by chaosjester on 2015/10/13 07:05:24 AM    
OK, so I lied, I ended up doing a pretty major update.

Have some screenshots up here (all information redacted) -

New version available here
by chaosjester on 2015/10/15 06:46:38 AM    
V0.3 is out.


Fixed the Add file section on the front page.
Added filter options to Settings > WebUI Options so you can filter things on the transfers page.
by chaosjester on 2015/10/16 02:52:53 AM    
Version 0.4 is out!

Big changes this time.

I removed all the tables and added in cards, looks even better on mobiles now!

I also tabified the Transfers Details page so it looks great on everything!

Also changed a few other cosmetic things.

Link - magnet:?xt=urn:btih:yzwmxvbrp5kdwcufiz32tijwuyhgi25a&dn=MaterialTixV0.4.rar&xl=13460&fc=1
by Area51 on 2015/10/16 11:14:52 AM    
Nice theme. You ended up updating it anyway, haha.
by chaosjester on 2015/10/19 04:13:22 AM    
Thanks :)

Will probably do more to it too, it's nice to have a project.

Am looking in to adding most of the bits that are in the default templates.

Also happy to take any suggestions/fixes if anyone wants something or notices anything missing/broken.
by chaosjester on 2015/11/03 07:14:20 AM    
Ok, you asked for it (ok no one asked for it) but I have made another pretty big update!

I have made the interface a little less static, all the bits of info you want to see update without refreshing the page now do so!

So, there are progress bars, automatically refreshing text and it all looks great.

Grab your copy here:

by chaosjester on 2015/11/06 02:01:42 AM    
V0.5a is out.

Fixed an issue where the progress bar on the Transfers > Details > Files page was not updating properly.

Also made the log pages update as well. The home page is a little cleaner on mobile now as well, I replaced the add magnet/file cards with buttons.

I was trying to get the transfers page to refresh when new transfers were added but ran in to a problem where doing that made it near impossible to select multiple transfers to manipulate.

Going to see if I can come up with another solution for that.

I am also working on adding back the bandwidth page, but having a few drama's getting that working.

Still happy to take requests if anyone has any features they would like to see. This is all a learning process for me so I am happy to take on any suggestions (though I cant guarantee that I will make it all work)
by janet on 2015/11/08 12:08:53 AM    
chaosjester-> please re-post the magnet link to your WebUI V0.5a
by chaosjester on 2015/11/08 07:06:14 AM    
Not sure what happened with the last link.

Will actually hold off on releasing it, the bug that I thought I had fixed is still present.

Will get something out soon :)
by chaosjester on 2015/11/09 03:13:37 AM    
And it's fixed :)

Files on the Details > Files tab will now have their progress bar update correctly.

New version available here:

by chaosjester on 2015/11/10 07:24:41 AM    
I have uploaded this project to github so if anyone wants to post issues or contribute.

Not sure if I can post a link here, but just search for materialtix and you should find it.
by theholydemon on 2015/11/17 06:51:53 PM    
Would it be stupid to ask how you built this? I mean, I want to give templates a hand but I have no idea where to begin.

And yes, I am familiar with HTML, JS and CSS.
by chaosjester on 2015/11/20 10:37:46 PM    
Not at all. I started by looking at the default templates which you can generate from the webui menu in tixati.

I used the materializedcss framework to build the pages. Originally I started with bootstrap but I want happy with it for this interface.

Then I learnt a bit of ajax and jQuery to update the details.

I have gpl'd the source so if you jump on to github feel free to look at the source and create a fork :)

If you have any other questions please ask.
by Guest on 2015/11/23 03:34:37 PM    
oh,Thanks .

very nice ... liiiike
by A83 on 2016/02/09 10:13:14 PM    
Thanks for this,  It looks amazing!

Should be included in installer in my opinion  :)
by Guest on 2016/02/14 11:47:57 AM    
Any ideas when the main UI will receive a similar overhaul?
by Guest on 2016/03/27 07:20:04 PM    
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