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Hey anybody knows when a new version of tixati is coming.
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by Guest on 2013/11/11 12:37:03 PM    
If anybody has ideas of what new features will be coming in next ver. of tixati or any hint about the new version is appreciated.
by Bugmagnet on 2013/11/14 12:59:28 AM    
by Guest on 2013/11/17 04:55:58 PM    
Haven't had an update for tixati for long time.Is tixati being shut down?
by janet on 2013/11/18 06:04:12 PM    
The devs are hard at work developing the next version.
by DrTeeth on 2013/11/30 06:30:33 PM    
@ janet

You say that every timer somebody asks the same question. Some crumbs of information would be handy. Due to the lack of development I have started to look at alternatives. Tixati has issues which need fixing sooner rather than later.
by Guest on 2014/01/01 11:36:59 PM    
When will the new version comes? more waiting? - Every day i come here hoping 1.97 is been released, damn still 1.96 do little frequently update, devs.

I'm doing much more advertising through Internet regarding Tixati for his better performance compared with others clients.

We've made ​​many proposals to check the bugs or suggestions for the future.

I do not know who or why is the cause of this delay, but we're praying behalf of all allow us to frequently update.

Thank you.
by predrzni007 on 2014/01/02 10:25:57 PM    
I think that tixati project is dead end no update since 1.96 something fishy is going on.
It was very fast client on the top of the others providers.
It is so sad to see that the best things are coming to dead end strange event.
by janet on 2014/01/04 03:21:44 AM    
Tixati is far from dead. There is a new version in the works, just no eta yet.
by Guest on 2014/01/04 04:18:42 PM    
Why you dont relese betas ?
more people testing -> bugs are find/repair faster -> better program
more betas -> more happier people (now a lot of people think tixati is "dead" because updates are released only in 6monts+- :( )
by Guest on 2014/01/04 06:20:22 PM    
tixati is almost perfect meaning it does not have any major issue,only a few minor one like its channel and its somewhat big system resources and I am sure that janet knows about them.
utorrent updates very frequently but if you see their changelog no feature and big improvement has been done only a few bugs have been removed so utorrent does not update as really the word update suggests also they are commercial apps but tixati is totally free and developers (like kevin) only in their free time I guess develope this torrent client thats why you see no update in a pretty long time, but lets thank developers and donate.
by Guest on 2014/01/05 12:38:49 AM    
Absolutely no room to complain for such an excellent and free torrent client. Why is everyone crying about frequent updates? Will getting an "update" make you feel better about yourself or something? Sheesh, chill and wait for the massive update or get out and download clusterf*cks like Bittorent or Vuze.
by Zagadka on 2014/01/07 01:17:06 PM    
Why constantly looking for updates? Tixati does everything pretty damn well. I'm sure the dev trunk is going to have a new version eventually, but I don't see much need for updates. Keep up the good work and keep it pure.
by Guest on 2014/01/16 04:25:03 PM    
Definitely no real need for an update, works like a charm. Devs, just take your sweet time, it will be hard to top latest version. Stable, fast and gorgeous! Thank you, devs! :D
by Bugmagnet on 2014/02/22 11:59:45 PM    
ditto the last several posts
v1.96 works very well, maybe not perfect, maybe could use some alternate coding for some minor issues, but i'm happy and appreciate it as is. Even if no further fixes or features are added, it would take something very awesome to pry me away from tixati.  And with due respects, when kevin became aware of the break in the media streaming function he fixed it quickly. It was only 18 days between v1.95 and v1.96.

That said, v1.96 was released on May 28, 2013 with the tease "More improvements are on the way...". Maybe we'll be gifted with v1.97 or even v2.0 by the anniversary date 3 months from now :?)  As always, I am more than willing to assist beta testing as I did in the winMX era. As the BugMagnet, I have a reputation to uphold ...hehe
by Guest on 2014/02/25 02:43:03 AM    
Tixati is an excellent client, no doubt with tons of features. But not updating it and calling it perfect is probably megalomania or utter laziness in part of devs. Only compelling reason that I am using it is its efficiency- Zero wastage. With *Utorrent or *qbittorrent I get a lot of hashfails- in the region of 50% to 200% (I have reported this previously- to download a 700 mb file I had to download 2GB in other client. This is frustating in case of slow connections. How Tixati manages to efficiently connect to good peers, keep bad peers at bay and prevent wastage of bandwidth/hashfail is a wonder.
I have been waiting for a few features that is ubiquitous in other clients like queue management. For example if I have 3 download slot and I want my no. 1 torrent to download later and start no.5 torrent, I have to stop my no. 1 torrent (and restart it). It can be done with simple drag and drop in utorrent without stopping any torrent or changing priority in qbittorrent (up and down icons).
Next tray/panel icons not showing in ubuntu unity interface.
The stagnancy in the pace of development of this excellent tool is frustating to regular users like us.
by DrTeeth on 2014/02/25 09:45:57 AM    
Even for political reasons, I feel it is important to update as mentioned elsewhere. Updates, even minor ones, inject dynamicism into a project and keep a community alive. I would also suggest it helps donations too.
by Guest on 2015/03/07 12:36:26 PM    
Any news from the v2.0 version?
by lBaltazar on 2015/03/17 01:33:16 PM    
Any news from the v2.0 version?
by John on 2015/03/17 02:09:16 PM    
Any news from the v2.0 version?
It is on the way. It will be ready in a few months.

First there will be an Alpha version, and then the official Tixati 2.0.
by janet on 2015/03/24 07:51:58 PM    
The devs are telling me "It's Coming Soon".

So, keep an eye on the website.
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