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Why is my own IP (and port) trying to connect as a peer?

by Guest on 2015/08/12 12:54:43 AM    
I have been noticing that a certain peer slows my download/upload to a crawl when it is attempting to connect . After ignoring this IP address there are no further problems. Upon visiting your website I noticed my IP (on the other side of the firewall) is the same one I have to keep ignoring in Tixati (same port even).

Is there some way to configure Tixati so that it does not try to connect to itself like this?

Also, a heart felt thank you to the developers for a clean torrent client. I would never purchase something like bittorrent, but as soon as the money starts coming in again I plan on donating to support your clean little client! Keep up the good work.
by Bugmagnet on 2015/08/14 02:42:26 AM    
First, as this topic IS "specific to Tixati" it deserves to be posted in the normal 'help and support' forum as it is certainly not 'off topic'

Another asked about this earlier but I am not sure any workaround resulted.

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