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by Iam7of9 on 2015/07/02 11:21:26 AM    
Hi all. I have eagerly downloaded in installed tixati on a brand new lubuntu box.
I was so glad to get away from uTorrent but quickly ran into a major problem. Tixati DOES NOT WORK with BTGuard.

I have searched the internet through, tried third party socks5 add-ons but nope, nada.

Let me know.
by Radish on 2015/08/08 09:38:25 PM    
I'd recommend giving "VPN Tunnel" a try. It is affordable and will VPN all your connections. And, of course, the controlling software is available in Linux versions as well as Windows versions.
by Guest on 2015/09/11 08:04:44 PM    
I too was having issues w/ BTGuard Proxy service.  It was a thing that turned me off against Tixati.  But I recently upgraded to VPN (BTGuard) and everything works as advertised.

For those that are shying away from the VPN experience, I highly suggest, take the plunge, it's as easy to set up as Proxy and once you go VPN you'll never look back...

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