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Webseed - Webseeding : How to implement it into a torrent?

by Nomad on 2015/04/18 07:47:02 PM    
I am looking for a practical manual on how to work with "web-seeds" and how to incorporate it in a torrent file.

What I think to have learned so far is that a "web-seed" is sort of a back-up for when there are no seeds available any more online.
In that case the torrent by way of its incorporated web-seed directs the down-loader to the on-line copy where the missing bits can be fetched.
It appears to be a great system to provide continuity when seeding and avoids people get stuck half way their downloads. The full online version is only accessed for the missing bits. As a back-up for all in the swarm. Hence the server where this 'super-seed' is hosted is in regular circumstances not stressed much.

Sounds all great but even "seedboxes"  don't really mention how it is done. That service looks actually more like a download sluice. I would expect to get an interface allowing to upload files and next an URL to implement into the torrent. I have done (not with Tixati though) by uploading over FTP a file to a folder of my webhosting company; copying its URL and pasting that in  Webseed box when creating a torrent. There is however no way to check out if it worked. Further more my web hosting company doesn't like it to be used as storage; except for websites of course.

I contacted a service dedicated to file hosting that provides URLs as desired - with the very question. They first escalated the question and next didn't get back. After enquiring they replied in a single line "We can not reply to this question". (...)

Maybe if the hosting issue get sorted a service will do what I want: implement a webseed into a torrent?
Dropbox could be used but it might be slow and maybe that service isn't neither happy being used as a semi-public hard drive?

I have started on Commodore 64 "home computer" (64k RAM !) and must say this is the first time I can't figure out how to get something done online. Web-seeds really seem to cover the issue of torrents fading out as quick as they often do. I keep my PC on forever but that isn't the best solution; certainly not the most eco-friendly. Let the webseed grow and P2P will blossom.

Any tutorial, lecture or practical advice welcomed.

by Bugmagnet on 2015/04/20 02:39:32 PM    
Webseeding has pros and cons - included in the latter would be extremely easy IP enforcement with emphasis on FORCE. Notice how the freedom-loving USA Department of Homeland Security is seizing and closing websites that allegedly facilitate open file/information sharing? It would be a simple matter for anyone with 'legit' content, such as their own sw release, to release it as a torrent and then run a torrent client to seed it as a backup.

Maintaining a p2p culture that understands the need to keep information freely available is critical for some things. Much of the current culture is based on taking, not sharing. the BitTorrent protocol was created to address that sad fact with internal algorithms that promote sharing.

One day, maybe we'll have some methods and tools to maintain a common knowledge base on our p2p networks. We have the storage capability now. Five TB drives are now quite affordable for many. All we need is bandwidth and some way to organize, catalog and search deep into such a p2p cyber-library to access the information we need at the moment.

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