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Layout request or help.

by Guest on 2015/04/18 04:57:47 AM    
Primarily when i'm using Tixati, there are certain tabs being displayed that i feel may be consuming unnecessary CPU usage.  the option to hide certain tabs and stop processing that information would be a nice feature or one that i have overlooked.

To be more specific, the bandwidth tab i don't use, yet the layout does not give me the option to hide the tab or the info being shown in graphical form in it.  this is also true of the comments tab, which i have RSS disabled and have no use for it. ... etc.

Hopefully the layout option, disables that section of code from being processed instead of just hiding it, as it seems this would make for a more customizable and more tailored look per user, streamlining for performance or perhaps one does want to see all.  i may be missing the option to disable certain information from being shown, yet as of right now it seems there are only 4 options to tailor.  (ie. Files, Trackers, Peers and Pieces)  i have already looked through the forum, the help & support section and reviewed the program options, but could not find an answer.

Is there an option, besides the "layout" button to disable this or perhaps a consideration of something to add in the future.

Thank you in advance for any responses and a excellent alternative for a torrent handler.

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