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RSS parsing and metadata problems

by Guest on 2015/04/03 09:34:37 PM    
I just tried to use RSS for the first time on Tixati and it failed with "Bad Meta-info".  I have looked around for some way to fix this but haven't found any answers.  I tested it with qBittorent and it works on there.  I was wondering when there will be a fix available or if I would be of some help in writing one.  If it gets the RSS system working then I would be happy to write the code for it.  I'm thinking of something where you can specify in a profile file the names of each field so that the RSS system can be modified for feeds that have odd field naming as I am pretty sure is my current problem.
by MrPickles on 2015/04/04 07:32:11 AM    
This was posted by me.  Apparently it the forum logged me out before I posted it.
by Bugmagnet on 2015/04/16 03:31:20 PM    
I'm not sure it matters too much, but this question is appropriate for the Help and Support forum since it relates to Tixati directly and therefore not "off topic"
by MrPickles on 2015/04/20 09:58:13 AM    
Thanks for responding.  I think it is reasonable to want to fix it.  At the moment it's pretty much useless unless you're going to use ShowRSS or another feed with compatible filed formatting.  Since it's annoying me I'm probably going to just write a quick Java program to fix the formatting and rebroadcast it to local host so Tixati can pick it up there.  That will have to wait until I get some free time though so it might be a while.  I'll post a link here when I finish it.

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