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Forum Search Feature Not Working in Firefox

by BuffaloBoy on 2015/02/04 06:04:28 PM    
I run Firefox 35.01 on a Win 8.1 Pro computer.  When I try to use the Forum 'search' function I get a blank screen topped with the Tixati and the words "Loading" below it - and nothing else.  The function works fine if I use IE.  Is it just me?
by jdockery on 2015/04/18 04:18:10 AM    
you didn't detail your privacy settings from firefox nor the add-ons, which i consider one of the larger advantages of using FF.  Too rule out an add-on is causing the problem, you can run FF in safe mode, thus disabling all add-ons.  With the most recent version i'm using of FF, v36.04, this is not the most current version at the time, but v37+ caused many add-ons to not work correctly.  With my version, the option to run w/ add-ons disabled is located under the "help" option from the menu bar.

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