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login timeout too short

by Bugmagnet on 2013/09/29 09:30:45 PM    
Can you increase the login timeout?

I login, start a post, get distracted a little, look up details for it.. then when I try to  it challenges me with the infamous colored dot captcha.

Aside from increasing the timeout to at least 60 minutes? could it be possible to store login info in a cookie and auto-relogin after a timeout?
by tribaljet on 2013/10/06 04:14:08 AM    
I second the request. The timeout period seems tremendously short.

On a different note, I'm missing a lot of features from the old forum, regardless of the speed of the new one.

EDIT: Also, it seems posts are now moderated individually. Doesn't seem to be the most efficient way, which leads me to wonder whether there have been severe spam issues before the transition.
by george_lol on 2014/01/16 01:59:28 PM    
I third the request.
by DrTeeth on 2014/01/24 03:36:04 PM    
I'd just be happy if the forum would remember my details so I don't have to login every day.

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