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I need to test the Alpha version. Where is it?

by John on 2015/01/08 09:43:47 AM    
I need to test the Alpha version. Where is it?

I look forward to the new C++11 upgraded Tixati 2.00.

by Napsterbater on 2015/01/08 07:10:08 PM    
Read the post at the Top?

It says everything and has a link.

There is still no released alpha yet.
by Guest on 2015/01/09 10:10:41 AM    
Yes, I know that it hasn't been released yet, but I'm really anticipating it.

Better stability and extra features are expected, so I'm really enthusiastic.

Keep up the good work, Kevin! We love you!

by tixati on 2015/02/01 10:19:07 PM    
I'm really looking forward to testing it, too. Been waiting 4,5 months for it, since the initial announcement in Sept. Growing a bit impatient! ;)
by John on 2015/02/02 09:34:14 PM    
Meanwhile, the C++14 standard (ISO/IEC 14882:2014) has been published, superseding C++11.

Software technology is advancing fast.
by tixati on 2015/02/03 07:07:45 AM    
^It's funny, I'm having the exact same convo out on another forum
by DrTeeth on 2015/02/21 02:50:35 PM    
According to the dev, in a post dated July 2014, it will be ready in a few weeks. Just be patient, LOLZ.
by Bugmagnet on 2015/02/28 07:19:39 AM    
No alpha for you!

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