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optimizing tixati for privacy while using a VPN?

by Guest on 2014/10/25 11:21:46 PM    
I'm fairly new to this whole business of torrent downloading and have had no troubles with Tixati so far with my isp. However, I accidentally connected to another ISP to which I had access (long story). Anyway, the final result was a peeved neighbor, with good reason. Needless to say, I unchecked that "connect automatically" box, but it got me thinking MUCH harder about "privacy".

So, I purchased a VPN service and it seems to work well, in that when I check on "ipaddress dot com", I am shown as being in the Netherlands, or Russia. But, I have heard that there are cracks in the system which need to be dealt with, otherwise my IP address could "leak out", but I have found almost nothing about using Tixati with a VPN, or how to optimize them to work best with each other. Also, I'm using Windows 7 (Home Premium), Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1. I use a DSL connection. Anything else that a helpful techie my need will have to be requested, as I have no idea where to go from here. Thanks for ANY help anyone can provide!
by Guest on 2014/10/28 10:47:04 PM    
can't help much on this but I think such a question is suitable for the normal support forum rather than this "Off Topic" forum
by Guest on 2015/01/10 04:42:57 PM    
fire up your vpn service and run a dns leak test. google it

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