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Rename Torrent?

by GuardianOfTime on 2014/10/18 05:21:09 PM    
I appreciate Tixati's ability to F2 rename a file, which renames the actual file - very handy b/c I'm old school and somewhat OCD about actual file names.

My question:

Is there a way to rename a torrent AND the file ?

for example in Vuze, if you hit F2, it gives you options to rename the display, file, torrent and/or ALL THREE.

Does Tixati do this?  I experimented with the rename and didn't do that...

Again my reasoning is I'm old school and like all my files to reflect the same and if for whatever reason I need to adjust my torrent settings, I don't have to guess... I know old school but it's my OCD... :) LOL
by Guest on 2014/10/18 07:08:33 PM    
F2 the file and rename.

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