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Tixati runs then windows does a memory dump

by PeetPienaar on 2014/10/14 07:41:33 AM    
Each time i start Tixati i can have it running for about 4 minutes then i get a blue screen and a memory dump.

I run windows 7 professional 64 bit is there a setting i need to change or something, i did not have this problem before.  The site i am working for has symantic antivirus that they installed on my notebook
by Guest on 2014/10/14 04:57:49 PM    
send the dump to devs.

are you able to send an error report?
by Guest on 2015/03/01 05:36:06 AM    
Peet, i suspect some logging is happening within Symantec.(see if you can find a way to turn it off)
I had the same issue, with glasswire, where the logs would get so big so quickly,
that is crashed tixati.

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