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Russian translation - Variant "true Russian"

by Guest on 2021/05/24 02:59:39 AM    
The translation is complete to approx. 80% of total
However over 97% of the interface and settings were translated, unfinished parts include log messages, color schemes and some of RSS.

Download link (it's a paste website, pastebin blocked me):
Their Hidden Service v3 TOR domain: 5cs6g2gtee7lqkbvliotggauvwi7vtc6tmgw2li7jzmoyoeuvqwsldqd.onion
FREE FOR REDISTRIBUTION. Do what Internet does best! Be free

The link is available for 1 year, updates will be posted here or in the channel TTHC dsc:cxnedp53ijcofngz2wxsbtv4kyuhm4iwsizhiqdyqtpgz2c6dqwq?dn=Tixati%20Translation%20Hub%20Central
For discussion, please join that Tixati channel.

Translation installation
First download the attached .txt file from the link above

1) Update to the latest version
2) In the main window click on the '?' Button > Switch Language.
3) Click on the folder icon, choose the text file (repeat this to update from a changed language file)
4) Restart Tixati

A more complete description of the translation and motivation behind it can be found on the Russian tracker's forum (starting with Ru, ending with tracker) in the topic: "Tixati - продвинутый клиент для Windows и Linux", page 9 (posted just minutes ago)

The type of translation: "true russian" as I tried to the best of my ability to translate BitTorrent-specific words (some never had a proper translation). It may look weird in the beginning :)

The next update to the translation will be posted here in over a week or after a new Tixati version with bug fixes is released.

Thank you and thanks to the developer.
Please donate to them.

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