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User Announcement: Tixati Channel for collaboration, scripts...

by Guest on 2021/05/18 12:05:34 AM    
Hi, I don't know if this forum was intended for much discussion, but I wanted to announce a place where translators could come together to chat and work in parallel without wasting their efforts (like not knowing someone else is working on the same translation too):

Tixati Channel: dsc:cxnedp53ijcofngz2wxsbtv4kyuhm4iwsizhiqdyqtpgz2c6dqwq?dn=Tixati%20Translation%20Hub%20Central
"Tixati Translation Hub Central"

I've created two shell scripts for the translations to save you some time (also available there):

Script 1: Translate country names using Wikipedia (you can translate anything that has a Wikipedia article in both languages). Saves you maybe an hour or less.

Script 2: Automatically generate months and days to a file. Saves you 10min of time probably.

For collaborative translations, Etherpad seems to be an OK choice. You can choose any instance from the list and begin right away:

Personally I've already started on the Russian translation.

I will probably not respond here, my only next post will be a finished translation.
In the future I think we'll need to create yet another script to allow us easy updates of translations for new Tixati versions. Join us!

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