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Hellinic (GR) translation

by NickName on 2021/12/17 05:06:10 PM    
Tixati YES it is a very good tool ;-)

Hellinic (GR) translation: 99%

download from  <(copy this) and save as name tixati_language_template_gr.txt

copy tixati_language_template_gr.txt file in (where is).\Tixati_portable\
open Help (?) > Switch Language > select open folder > (where is).\Tixati_portable\tixati_language_template_gr.txt
restart Tixati ..and
please Test  (I do not have much time to Testing)

Thanks, Nickname
by Guest on 2021/12/18 08:52:13 PM    

I uploaded a zip of this exact same file in case anyone has a slow connection.
by Guest on 2022/02/06 12:27:24 PM    
Works fine +1
by Guest on 2022/05/25 05:31:48 PM    
Hellenic (GR) translation
ver 0.99
fix space between words,fix some names.

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